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Muse Weekly

Weekly Roundup of Muse Happenings

Muse Weekly


A weekly tabloid for LJ Muses, where the best and brightest gather for what's happening.


September 1st, 2020

This post will remain at the top of the journal. It is here that you can make story submissions, volunteer to have your muse interviewed, let us know of events and parties, or otherwise be a part of it all.

It is also where we will list the communities that we recommend or are affiliated with. If you would like to have your community listed, comment here.


confession_nyc - Confession NYC - The official nightclub of Muse Weekly.

pickthemusic - Pick the Music - A place for musical prompts.

the_lucky13 - The Lucky 13 - List prompts for muses.

who_topia - Whotopia - A Doctor Who prompt and RP community.

of_the_universe - Of the Universe - Highlander specific community

our_magicplace - Muses Unleashed - Community for all kinds of unruly muses.

realmof_themuse - True Writers - A community where the writer is the focus.

muse_erotica - Muse Erotica - The original place for adult prompts.

quotable_muse - Quotable Muse - When things said in the past are the prompts of the future.

you_rock - You Rock! - Spotlight on great writers!

charloft - Charloft - A completely fresh and fantastic community for everyone!

tammys_past - The Tammy Awards

The Masked Ball will be for Samhain/Halloween. In the tradition of the Luxuria parties of old, there will be a twist, for attendees.

April 26th, 2009

Section One - The Sleaze, Visual and Otherwise

1. Most Unique Personal Style
2. Best Chest in the West
3. Biggest Balls
4. "I'd Hit That" Hottie - Sexual Appeal
5. Overall Most Beautiful/Handsome
6. Body To Die For
7. Snappiest Dresser
8. Biggest Damn Slut
9. Mad, Bad, Dangerous and Hot
10. Young and Lickable
11. Mature Hot Stuff
12. Best Sexual Roleplaying - Individual
13. Best Sexual Roleplaying - Team
14. Most in Need of a Good Shag
15. Biggest Fucking Freak
16. False Advertiser of the Year - All Talk, No Action Award
17. Lying, Scheming, Backstabbing, No Good Dirty Dog Award
18. Smut Prompt Response of the Year
19. Sexual Roleplay Thread of the Year
20. Best Portrayal of Unresolved Sexual Tension

Section Two - Roleplaying Awards

1. Outstanding Roleplaying of Friendship
2. Outstanding Roleplaying of Relationship
3. Outstanding Roleplaying of Adversarial Relationship
4. Canon Roleplay Muse of the Year - Lead Character
5. Canon Roleplay Muse of the Year - Supporting Character
6. Original Roleplay Muse of the Year - Lead Character
7. Original Roleplay Muse of the Year - Supporting Character
8. Most Intriguing Roleplay Plot - Short Term
9. Most Intriguing Roleplay Plot - Long Term
10. Best AU Characterization of a Canon Muse
11. Best Roleplaying Community - Large
12. Best Roleplaying Community - Small
13. Best Roleplay Thread - Four or less muses
14. Best Roleplay Thread - Five or more muses
15. Character you most wish someone would roleplay

Section Three - Prompt/Fic Writing Awards

1. Best Prompt Community - Large
2. Best Prompt Community - Small
3. Outstanding Prompt Response - Short Form (200 words or less)
4. Outstanding Prompt Response - Long Form (over 200 words)
5. Dark Prompt Response of the Year
6. Emotional Prompt Response of the Year
7. Comedy Prompt Response of the Year
8. Canon Prompt Response of the Year
9. Original Character Prompt Response of the Year
10. Fanfic of the Year
11. Overall Fandom Writer of the Year
12. Most Diverse Writer of Multiple Characters

Section Four - The Grab Bag

1. Child Muse of the Year
2. Smartass of the Year
3. Historical Star
4. Villain of Doom
5. NPC of the Year
6. Mechanical/Machine Muse of Win
7. Non-Human Character of the Year
8. Divine Deity of the Year
9. Good Guy/Girl of the Year
10. The "WTF?" Plot Shocker of the Year
11. Biggest Ego
12. Best Graphics Maker
13. Nicest Writer/Roleplayer
14. Greatest Fandom Gem - The Writer/Roleplayer Who Best Represents and Contributes to Their Fandom
15. Most Missed Muse
16. Biggest Dork
17. Most Unlikely Sex Symbol
18. Couple You Most Want To See
19. Couple You Never Want To See
20. Nutjob Muse of the Year

March 9th, 2009

The Tammy Awards, better known as "The Inside Joke That Took On A Life of It's Own", enjoyed a very successful, and mostly wank free, run in January. This was very good, and we're pretty happy with that.

But, as we said in a post on the site, changes need to be made. One of the perpetual problems we have are people who do not contribute, do not participate and have outright issues with the awards, but instead of asking to not be included, they wait until after nominations are announced to demand that they are removed, or to dump on it behind the scenes. Like any game or community, participation should be completely voluntary, and those who want to play, and want to be a part of things, should be the ones to enjoy the nominations and winning.

Additionally, since we lost our mod who was our graphics genius, we haven't had banners, and that is going to change. I'm trying to design nominee, honorable mention and winner banners for the Summer 2009 awards, which will kick off in June. My graphics skills are rudimentary, at best, but I'm working on it.

Anyway, what this leads to is the announcement and discussion of MAJOR CHANGES to how The Tammys are going to be done.

1. Membership - We tried having people apply, but that was too cumbersome. Besides, it's not a prompt or RP comm, it's a casual event. But leaving it wide open isn't working, either. So we decided to treat it kind of like other awards, where members of the guilds are the ones who vote. So, basically, you don't need to worry about missing the nominations post, because all you need to do is "register" your muses, and you will be sent a ballot. Easy! The registered members will be listed, and that is who can be nominated, voted on, and play. Very simple. No application, just a simple listing of the muses you want to participate.

2. Better categories - Too many of our categories have been repetitive. We're going to delete some categories and focus on ones that celebrate the excellence in writing and roleplaying. Oh, don't worry, we will still have plenty of silly fun, but we will also have some new things like "Most Shocking Plot Twist" and "Strong, Independent Female Character", among others. We will also be adding categories for fan fic.

3. A more effective red carpet - The red carpet, which is the main point, will have better hosting and activities, so that people can meet and greet each other. We may have a beauty contest, or something, or crown a Homecoming King and Queen. Something different and fun, to shake things up a bit. How about a "Dancing With the Muses"?

4. Simpler voting - You spoke. We listened. From now on, we send you the ballot, you give us your picks, and it is all much more streamlined.

5. More visuals - People loved the photos last time, and we are definitely going to use that again.

6. Fandom specific awards - We're still working on this, but people have asked to have some specific awards for different fandoms, particularly in the areas of writing, roleplay and fan fic.

Also, because you will register your muses, that will hopefully cut down on the number of username errors. All in all, it will be a simpler system.

So keep those ideas coming in, and don't forget to go to tammys_past to register your muses. Remember, any muse not registered by June 1 will be ineligible. I know that seems like a long time away, but it goes by fast.

February 26th, 2009

Spread The Word!

At tammys_past, there are now posts where anyone can put up links to prompts, fics, characters, comms and RP threads that they think are especially noteworthy. WHY? Well, because it helps people in keeping track of really great posts that they might want to nominate for Summer 2009 Tammy Awards. One of the problems we seem to have every time is that people are busy, and when nominating time comes around, they lose track of posts and threads that they really enjoyed. This way, all kinds of people can showcase amazing fics and RP threads!

Whoo Hoo!

It's open to anyone, from any community! So yay! Let's have so many great fics there, that we have a wide variety of nominees for the Summer Awards!

Spread the word! Pass it on!

January 13th, 2009

Go Dub With Love!

The Winter Tammy Awards for 2009 are over. But that doesn’t mean that the last awards have been handed out. Oh, no!

This is where you get to design and present an award, so to speak, for people you think are very special, or maybe you thought they were overlooked.

Have you ever seen those movies where the King or Queen take a sword and dub someone a knight or lord of something? Well, that’s what you get to do here.

This is the first Tammy Awards “I Dub Thee” meme. You can post it IC or OOC, and you can post as many as you like. In the subject header, put the name of the muse or mun, or the username. Then, in the comment, put the following:

“I, _______(your name or your muse name), dub thee _________(their name or username), ____________________(title or honor). Let it be proclaimed throughout Livejournal, for all to cheer!”

What can you dub them? Anything! “Lord of the Snark”? “Master of the Smut”? “Knight of all Vampires”? “Fairest Damsel of the Land?”


Now, here’s the kicker, anyone who wants can second, third or more your award. So if you see a dub that rubs you the right way? Just comment to it to say “Hear, Hear!” or “Seconded!”. Those who are creative, fun and just plain silly might end up with nifty banners!

Let your voice ring across LJ! You rule the awards, and you get to dub your favorites with the title they have earned!

Go to tammys_past and award how you like!

January 4th, 2009


Voting is now closed.

December 29th, 2008


There was an error in section two.

In the cut and paste process of coding, one of the nominees for Boy Scout/Girl Scout. It has been corrected, and all voters are welcome to alter their ballots if needed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you!

December 26th, 2008


The Winter 2009 Tammy Award nominations will close in five and one half hours.

Nominations end at 12 noon, Pacific US time, today.


Nominations post - Section One
Nominations post - Section Two
Nominations post - Section Three
Nominations post - Section Four

This is the last call...no application, just click, join, nominate and watch your friends win!

December 25th, 2008

Check this OUT!

There's a great way for everyone to give support to causes that are close to your heart, and it won't cost you a penny!

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

GoodSearch was featured on ABC News, and here's how it works:

Simply use them for searching the Internet, whenever you need to find something. Every time you do, GoodSearch donates one cent to the charitable organization that YOU pick out. There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of causes you can choose from, everything from food banks to local animal shelters. If you have a cause close to home, just add them in!

Now, a penny may not sound like much, but if you search ten things a day, or twenty things a day, it can really add up. Plus, it costs you nothing! You just do what you normally do! How cool is that? Local schools, shelters, hospitals, clinics, animal rescues...the list is huge! Imagine! You can make a difference, just by doing what you always do. I added it to my Mozilla toolbar, and it's been pretty easy. I checked it out, and it's totally legit! So hey, check it out. It costs you nothing, but it could really help out animals or other causes you believe in.

December 23rd, 2008


This is the 72 hour warning that nominations for the 2009 Winter Tammy Awards will close on Friday, the 26th, at 12 noon Pacific US Time. So far, each category has many nominees that are tied for the top seven. Literally one or two votes could push them into the final group for voting.

We've been talking about the leading fandoms in nominations. Now, as of counts yesterday, let's talk about the fandoms that have few nominations, and are seriously underrepresented:

Battlestar Galactica
Star Trek
Star Wars
Legal Shows (CSI, L&O)
Villains, in general, are not getting love.

The trends, so far? Original characters are getting nominations THREE TO ONE over canon muses. Historical muses are beating out Doctor Who, two to one. Male muses are getting four times the nominations that females are. Gods? The deity fandom appears to be hiding away this year, because the gods are not getting the noms. Vampires are trouncing the Slayers, in a bloody mess of sparkle! Rock stars have Time Lords on their KNEES! Greeks are falling to Romans, and France is rising to defeat the Brits.

You know how to fix this, if it makes you unhappy, right? NOMINATE! Let's face it, if you don't nominate your fandom, your friends...hell, your muses...who WILL?

Two ways to nominate, three days left!

Email your ballots to tammyawards2008@yahoo.com OR post them at these posts.


Nominations post - Section One
Nominations post - Section Two
Nominations post - Section Three
Nominations post - Section Four

You may nominate with up to FIVE MUSES!

Remember, no applications. No moderated membership. Click...join...nominate...watch your fandom get love.

This is the 72 hour mark.
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